Mel Rakyat

Mel Rakyat is a prepaid letter using a special paper which is foldable and with self-adhesive sides.

The specifications are as follows:-

Folded size and measurement: 190mm (length) x 95mm (width)
Weight: not more than 20gm
A prepaid letter without stamp. no stamp is needed for delivery
Price: RM 0.30 sen.
Foldable and with self-adhesive sides.
Delivery to all destinations nationwide.
Should not contain any enclosures as it will be treated as a non-standard letter and be charged accordingly.
Shall be used for non-commercial purposes only.

Mel Rakyat is available at all Post Offices and you can post it at any red posting box near you.

For more information on the revised zones and tariffs, kindly refer to the specific product stated below International Mail.

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